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General Motors License Plate Frames 




5202WO-CF Cadillac


5201LO-A Cadillac


5201LO-B Cadillac


5203LW-BK Cadillac


5204LW-BK Cadillac


5205LW-BK Escalade






5213LO-A V-Series




5301LO-A Chevrolet


5301LO-B Chevrolet


5302LW-BK Chevrolet


5303LW-BK Avalanche


5308LW-BK Chevy Trucks


5310LW-BK Duramax


5310WO-BL Duramax


5312WO-BK Impala


5314WO-CF Impala SS


5315LW-BK Suburban


5319LW-BK Silverado


5319WO-BK Silverado


5321LW-BK Tahoe


5322LW-BK Trail Blazer


5326LW-BK Colorado


5350WO-CF Corvette


5354WO-CF Corvette


5359JK-LW-BK Corvette


5622LW-YL H2 Hummer


5626LW-UC H3 Hummer


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Instead of typing in the Plate ID you can also copy and paste the Plate ID into the Buy Now form

Frame Colors are as shown on part IDs. Another color can be requested via phone or e-mail requests.

Frame Color
Type in Frame ID



5601LO-A GMC


5604LW-BK GMC Sierra


5605LW-BK GMC Denali


5605WO-BK Denali


5606LW-BK GMC Yukon


5606WO-BK Yukon


5607LW-BK GMC Yukon XL


5607WO-CF Yukon XL


5609LW-BK GMC Envoy


5613LW-BK Canyon


5613WO-RD Canyon



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