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State Legal License Plate Frames

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Many States are changing their license plate frame laws. Some of these new requirements restrict the frames from covering up any lettering that appears on the plates. Arizona is one state that imposes a stiff fine.

If your license plate frame (you know, that cheapy frame that your dealership put on your car or that cute little saying that you enjoy sharing with everyone behind you on the freeway) is covering up the “ARIZONA” at the top of your license plate you could be fined to the tune of $135 plus court fees (on average). Check your State DMV laws to make sure the standard custom plate frames are legal or to be safe choose the ones shown below.

We are offering a new frame and attachement design that does not cover up any of the information on the plates. You can request any information and colors you would like to appear on your frame attachment. This frame should be good in the restrictive States as well as those who plan on adopting these same restrictions. You will be able to get your message across no matter which State you reside in.

Blue mirror acrylic attachment with laser cut Yellow mirror lettering.

The license plate frame and attachment above is created by laser cutting blue mirror acrylic and yellow mirror acrylic letters and adhering them to a laser cut ABS backing material. The yellow letters are hand assembled like a puzzle into the blue mirror acrylic. This Frame Design provides a 3D appearance. No writing on the top of the frame can be accommodated because of the limited space. The attachment protrudes below the frame by 1/2 inch which most cars can accommodate. Different height spacers can also allow this attachment to project above the frame to give even more flexibility.

Yellow mirror acrylic attachment with laser cut blue mirror lettering.


Silver mirror acrylic attachment with laser engraved lettering.


Frame and Attachment on Car


Frame and Attachment on Front of Car


Frames =$ 8.00 each


Laser Frame Attachments = $18.50 each. The Attachments can also be used without a Frame.


Mounting Hardware = $4.50 per group (4)

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License Plate Frames
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