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Free License Plate Design



We offer custom license plates with free design no setup charge and no minimum quantity.

Free Design

 Custom Laser Cut License Plate

Hundreds of License Plates, Signs, Custom License Plates, Custom Front Plates, Vanity License Plates and Key Tags to Choose From

License Plate Frames State Legal


Best Buy !! This Chevy BowTie Plate is a Black Acrylic Plate with a Laser Cut Sparkling Silver Acrylic BowTie adhered to the front surface of the plate.


Free Design


Our stock room is filled with what we see as fun and what we are certain will bring laughter, smiles and fun to others! Additionally, we stock lots of popular and much requested items that simply must be available to our customers. Having a manufacturing facility, we can customize for you too. We can create what you want - from 1 to 1000+ pieces. Custom Front License Plates, Specialty License Plates and Vanity License Plates are some of the most popular items available. is a manufacturer and supplier of custom front vanity license plates, license plate frames and license plate holders. In addition to our custom license plates we have thousands of standard designs to choose from. Either way you get to express yourself without degrading the appearance of your car or truck with hard to remove adhesive bumper stickers. Visit our web site for further information and details. 

The Laser Cut Mirror Acrylic Plates are tops in appearance with a 3D look that will get anyone’s attention. The mirror acrylic comes in several colors so you can make a design with two or more colors. The desired design is cut out of the acrylic materials and put together like a puzzle on a rugged ABS adhesive backer. The finished plates are ready to mount to your vehicle. 

We can put your corporate or business logo as well as any special custom design on a promotional license plate in any quantity. Just imagine having the ability to put anything you want on a custom vanity or personalized car license plate without being afraid of being censored.  

Our authentic looking replica license plates are so close to the real thing people will not be able to tell the difference. We use the highest quality aluminum and acrylic materials to produce a long lasting weather resistant product.  Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, these custom car plates are the highest quality available anywhere., a Division of Fiber Laser Systems is a manufacturer of Custom Front Vanity License Plates. We also have many standard designs to choose from. 

Stainless Steel Plates 

These are highly polished top quality stainless steel license plates. We have hundreds to choose from but these are for Buicks and Cadillacs. The graphical images are laser cut acrylic materials that are adhered to the stainless steel plates with 3M bonding systems. 

Buick and Cadillac Stainless Steel License Plates.

Cadillac License Plate


Get one for yourself or give one as a gift. 

The most “Brilliant and Striking” Vanity License Plates are the laser cut plates. These plates are made from different colors of mirror acrylic materials. The pattern is then cut out and put together like a puzzle onto a robust ABS adhesive backer. These unique high quality and attractive custom front license plates are one of the best ways to promote your business or show your thoughts. Fiber Laser Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of front vanity license plates. We carry many types and styles of plates.

Florida Gator Plate

Chevy Bow Tie Custom License Plate

The most “striking” Front License Plates are the laser cut plates. These plates are made from different colors of mirror acrylic materials. The pattern is then cut out and put together like a jigsaw puzzle onto a rugged ABS adhesive backer. The finished license plate is dazzling, and has a 3D effect. We also offer a limited amount of free graphic design for your project. 

Laser Engraved plates made from the silver mirror acrylic material. The graphic design is then reverse laser engraved into the material from the back. Color is then added by back filling the engraved area with the desired color with acrylic paint. When laser engraving from the back on the mirror acrylic, the reflective coating is removed and this allows the color fill to show through the remaining clear acrylic material when viewed from the front. When the paint has dried, the etched and colored acrylic sheet is then mounted to a robust ABS backer for support and protection. 


We stock NFL License Plates, NBA License Plates, MLB License Plates, NHL License Plates, College License Plates, Religous License Plates, Racing License Plates, Vanity License Plates, Mirrored License Plates, Custom License Plates, Front License Plates, plus many more types. If you do not see what you want we can always make a custom license plate for you.

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